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If you are ordering multiple units that are not identical, please complete an order form for each unit.

Is this a finished or rough opening?

1. Measure the width of the opening.

For a rough opening, measure the width between the studs.

For a finished opening, measure the width between the door jamb.

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Rough Opening Measuring Guide.

Finished Opening Measuring Guide.


2. Measure the height of the opening.

For a rough opening, measure from the hard-surfaced floor to the underneath side of the header.

For a finished opening, measure height from the hard-surfaced floor to the underside of the door frame.

See the measuring guides above for more details.


The door jamb must be installed on a flat, hard-surfaced floor such as concrete, a wood subfloor, hardwood flooring or tile.

3. Select your door size.

The width of the rough opening should be 2” wider and 3” higher than the door size you order. For door sizes that are not listed below, please select Custom Size.

Other sizes are available as custom orders. Please contact us for details.

4. Describe the floor surface.

Is your floor surface finished now?

If it is not finished, what are you planning to install?

If you are installing a floor covering later, tell us the thickness of that flooring.

Our hidden door products are built with a 4" high base trim that can be cut to fit on-site to allow for a minor variance in floor covering thickness.

Hidden door bookcases have an exterior depth of 12". This gives you a very useable interior depth of approximately 10 1/2". Unless your walls are unusually thick, the bookcase will extend several inches beyond the wall that is behind the bookcase.

5. Select your door swing.

Picture yourself facing the front of the hidden door bookcase.

6. Select your wood.

Other wood selections may be available as custom orders. Please contact us for details.

All our products are shipped sanded and ready for painting or staining so that you may select paint or stain that blends with your existing cabinetry.

7. Select your trim.

Click on an illustration to see the number and type of shelves that are included.

 Write in the number of additional adjustable shelves you are ordering.

a. Shelf edge detail.

3 1/2" Header Profile and front view

5 1/2" Header Profile and 5 1/2" Headers Front View

c. Rosettes

Rosettes Drawing

8. Fixed Bookcases and Cabinets

Matching fixed bookcases and cabinets are available in all our styles. They are ideal for an office or library with a wall of bookcases or cabinets and a hidden door -- all identical in appearance.

Quantity of Fixed Bookcases