Hidden Doors by design | Blog http://www.hiddendoorsbydesign.com Hidden Door manufacturer. Skeleton in Your Closet? Tue, 04 Sep 2012 19:29:58 UTC Some people hide these in their closets. We hide one in every one of our hidden door bookcases. Our “skeleton,” which has been designed by a structural engineer, adds strength and rigidity to our hidden door bookcases. Each “skeleton” comes with two built-in adjustments and a specially machined bottom block that fastens to the floor and door jamb. Other companies make hidden door bookcases that are on rollers or tracks which leave tell-tale signs that there is a doorway behind the bookcase.... http://www.hiddendoorsbydesign.com/post/skeleton-in-your-closet- http://www.hiddendoorsbydesign.com/post/skeleton-in-your-closet- It's a Secret! Fri, 24 Aug 2012 11:30:28 UTC Just what is the secret that will open the hidden door? People at the Colorado Garden and Home Show in Denver had fun trying to guess the secret to opening our Hidden Doors bookcases, and we had fun watching them talk to doors. Once they realized a tiny, hand-held remote popped the door open, all they could do was laugh. When the serious professionals tried to figure out what gave our hidden doors their strength and easy-glide opening, we were happy to explain the concealed steel structure –... http://www.hiddendoorsbydesign.com/post/it-s-a-secret- http://www.hiddendoorsbydesign.com/post/it-s-a-secret- The Awkward Door Thu, 20 Jan 2011 20:49:38 UTC You can find it just about anywhere. Your next door neighbor probably has one and so does your best friend. And you may have one, too. You know, that awkward door that just looks out of place. It may be the in your kitchen, family room, guest room or rec room. It can be just about anywhere. It’s the door that interrupts a wall or competes with other doors on the same wall. The hall coat closet is often the guilty party. Sometimes you just wish that you had room for a piece of furniture there ... http://www.hiddendoorsbydesign.com/post/the-awkward-door http://www.hiddendoorsbydesign.com/post/the-awkward-door