Skeleton in Your Closet?


Some people hide these in their closets. We hide one in every one of our hidden door bookcases.

Our “skeleton,” which has been designed by a structural engineer, adds strength and rigidity to our hidden door bookcases. Each “skeleton” comes with two built-in adjustments and a specially machined bottom block that fastens to the floor and door jamb.

Other companies make hidden door bookcases that are on rollers or tracks which leave tell-tale signs that there is a doorway behind the bookcase. Other companies use a variety of hinges which are not strong enough to keep a fully loaded bookcase in perfect alignment over time.

Before introducing our hidden door bookcases in January 2011, we spent considerable time and money designing our concealed, steel internal structure, our “skeleton,” so that we could offer you a truly wonderful hidden door bookcase that will hold up over time — even when fully loaded with heavy books.

Other companies offer you shallow bookcases which force you to “decorate” them with a collection of light-weight books. Our hidden door bookcases have a full 10 1/2” interior depth so you can really use them as bookcases.

We invite you to design your own hidden door bookcase. We have a large selection of standard sizes and we build custom sizes, also. We offer a paint grade hidden door bookcase as well as eight hardwoods. If you’d like cabinet doors and/or drawers, we have 15 different styles. You may also select your shelf edge style, as well as a casing and header style.

Our hidden door bookcases are expertly engineered and beautifully crafted with the same meticulous talent that goes into building a fine piece of furniture. We know you will be very pleased with the hidden door bookcase we build for you.