It's a secret!


Just what is the secret that will open the hidden door?

People at the Colorado Garden and Home Show in Denver had fun trying to guess the secret to opening our Hidden Doors bookcases, and we had fun watching them talk to doors. Once they realized a tiny, hand-held remote popped the door open, all they could do was laugh.

When the serious professionals tried to figure out what gave our hidden doors their strength and easy-glide opening, we were happy to explain the concealed steel structure – the “skeleton” and ball bearings. Designed by a structural engineer, the skeleton gives our hidden door added strength and rigidity. It weighs about 115 pounds and has built-in adjustments.

Everyone who stopped by was impressed with the expert engineering and craftsmanship we build into every Hidden Doors bookcase and cabinet.

If you’d like to stop by our showroom in Boulder, CO, just give me a call or fill out our contact form. I’d love to meet you and show you our hidden doors.