The Awkward Door


You can find it just about anywhere. Your next door neighbor probably has one and so does your best friend. And you may have one, too. You know, that awkward door that just looks out of place. It may be the in your kitchen, family room, guest room or rec room. It can be just about anywhere. It’s the door that interrupts a wall or competes with other doors on the same wall. The hall coat closet is often the guilty party. Sometimes you just wish that you had room for a piece of furniture there rather than a door.

Now there is a solution! Hidden Doors by Design makes custom hidden bookcase doors and cabinets. With our beautifully crafted custom built-ins, you can keep the doorway but replace the door with a stunning bookcase or cabinet that will add a designer’s touch to your room. We can build a custom hidden door for you with drawers or doors to give you extra storage.

Please, browse our products. We offer lots of choices in terms of styles, types of wood and custom trims. And the best part of it all is that you can design your own hidden bookcase door or cabinet right on our site! Just go to the Design Center and start the process. When you select your product, watch the architect’s drawing change as you select each of your trim options. Then, you’ll see your price right on-line! And don’t worry about the prices being way up there. Hidden Doors by Design’s products are reasonably priced even though each one is built by master craftsmen.

When closed your hidden door bookcase or cabinet will completely conceal that awkward door. We think you’ll find that having a “secret door” will be such a conversation piece that you’ll find it impossible to keep your “secret door” a secret. And we won’t tell.