Welcome to Hidden Doors by Design

Shhhh… Your hidden door has a secret of its own. Full-size bookcases and cabinets have a concealed, internal steel reinforcement structure that resists twisting or warping, even when fully loaded with books.

All products are expertly engineered and meticulously crafted, with optional magnetic locking systems.

The best hidden doors are hard to find. That’s why our master craftsmen build the finest hidden doors to conceal your best-kept secrets.

Your hidden door will conceal just about anything you’d like to hide — a secret room, an office, a storage room, a furnace room and more. Stow away a safe, or safely store your gun collection.

Just like a piece of fine furniture, our beautifully crafted bookcases and cabinets will add a designer’s touch to any room. Need additional storage? Hidden Doors by Design bookcases can be purchased with drawers and cabinets.

Our craftsmen built quality into every detail. Only solid-core wood veneers or solid wood are used in Hidden Doors by Design products. Ball bearing hinges ensure that even our full-size units open and close smoothly with just a light touch.

You’ll want to tell your friends. In fact, the hardest part of the whole process will probably be keeping your secret hidden door to yourself.

Hidden Doors by Design, LLC was founded on the principles of providing exceptional products and excellent customer service. To ensure this promise, we provide a warranty with every Hidden Doors by Design product.

Enjoy exploring our site, and please feel free to contact us any time. Ironically, we’re easy to find. We look forward to speaking with you.